Sip and Save: Local Restaurants Offering an Incentive to Virginia Wine Drinkers

Tuscarora Mill (Courtesy:  Trip Advisor)

Sometimes when I order a bottle of wine in a restaurant and I know how much it costs at the store, I cringe a little.  On average, the markup on wine in restaurants is double its retail price and depending on the type of wine, it can be even more.  During a recent restaurant outing, I saw a bottle of Yellowtail on a menu for $35!  I mean, c’mon, you can buy that at Safeway for as little as six bucks.

Virginia law allows patrons to bring their own bottles to restaurants.  I used to do this, and on occasion still do when I have a particular craving or it’s a special occasion, but with the corkage fee, I realized I really wasn’t saving that much.  Now, in an effort to promote area wines, some local restaurants are waiving corkage fees for Virginia winesTuskie’s restaurant group which includes a number of restaurants in Loudon and Arlington Counties is letting diners bring up to two bottles of Virginia wine without charging a corkage fee.  The only catch:  you have to bring your receipt showing it was purchased earlier in the day.  This can save you anywhere from $20-$30 per bottle.  It’s not a bad deal and it is definitely an incentive for exploring Virginia’s vibrant viticulture.

These restaurants are waiving corkage fees on VA wines:

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